- Advanced machining and inspection equipments
Hurricane Magnets&Materials Engineering (HMME) has abundant equipments, including CNC tooling, to provide machining inspection for all types of rare earth magnets and materials. Our proven quality manufacturing processes assure that dimensional and magnetic tolerances are achieved and that delivery schedules are met. Additionally, our state of the art testing apparatus and fully equipped testing lab verifies the high quality of all the products we produce.

- Large material inventory and production capacity
HMME could provide more than 920 ton permanent magnetic Neodymium materials and 340 ton SmCo permanent magnetic materials yearly. We could also provide other rare earth and materials in large quantities.

- High precision processing technology
We could produce high precision micro magnets. The tolerance for micro magnets we provide has reached +/-0.0050mm (+/-0.000196 inch). Especially for thin-walled tube magnets, either in NdFeB or SmCo, HMME could provide high precision OEM productions for your high standard applications.

- Experienced engineering support.
HMME could provide engineering service to help you locate proper products and magnetic assemblies. We have been providing products for Siemens, GE and many other companies and labs who distribute the products to US military and government agencies, including NASA.

- Professional pre and after sale service
More than a rare earth products supplier, we are a company of dedicated and talented people who partner with our customers to meet the challenges of advanced manufacturing through unique approaches and effective techniques. HMME is committed to providing our customers with whatever it takes to meet all of their manufacturing goals. Utilizing some of the most cutting edge equipments, software and processes, our facilities are here to Serve You.

- Timely shipping and professional packaging
HMME could provide very short lead time for your orders, especially for urgent needs, we could provide express production at a very low expedition cost. For Neodymium orders, we could shrink our production time up to 7 days and for SmCo orders, we could shrink the production time as short as 3 days. All products are well protected in neutral packages, with magnetic shielding for air shipping.