A refractory metal often used to make precision machined parts, Molybdenum, also known as “Moly”, has great strength at high temperatures, a very low vapor pressure and low thermal expansion as well as excellent conductivities at very high temperatures. Molybdenum components and assemblies are frequently used in the electronic, semiconductor, and lighting industries.

Metallic molybdenum is a very important material in the production of electric lights and electro vacuum devices (radio tubes, transmission tubes, and X-ray tubes). Molybdenum is used in the production of anodes, grids, cathodes, and holders for incandescent filaments in electric bulbs. Molybdenum wire and ribbon are widely used as heating elements for high-temperature furnaces.

Hurricane Rare Earth Engineering has been providing products for many institutes and labs for more than 6 years. About 94% of our products are directly sold or sold through distributors to the U.S. We are able to supply high quality molybdenum products at very competitive prices. Some of the products we specialized in include molybdenum sheets, plates, rods, wires and fasteners.