Molybdenum Boat

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The finished Mo boat is made from rolled high temperature Mo plate with excellent properties of strength and high temperature resistance. It is orderly and tidily profiled and well welded in order to ensure the boat having the longest lifetime under the condition of high temperature and stress. Our company can supply Mo boats that fully meet the most stringent requirement in industries of high-density alloy and precise ceramics.

The molybdenum boat can be used as a container for rare earth smelting, and is mainly used in the metallurgy and machinery industry.

Length: 50mm - 1000mm
Width: 10mm - 500mm
Height: 10mm - 300mm
Wall thickness: 0.3mm - 30mm

Element Content (%)
Mo 99.95
O 0.015
N 0.005
Si 0.002
C 0.005