Molybdenum Crucible

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Molybdenum crucible is an indispensability tool in the rare earth smelting industry. More and more molybdenum crucibles are used for crystalloid materials, and other burgeoning high technology industry. Our company can produce various crucibles, such as round mouthed crucible, tapered crucible, ellipse crucible and bottomless crucible. We can also provide products according to the customers' drawings.

Main application:
This product is mainly used in metallurgy and material processing industries.

Outer diameter: 120 - 214mm
Height: 100 - 400mm
Density: >9.6g/cm3
Working temperature: >1100oC

Element Content (%)
Mo > 99.95
O < 0.015
N < 0.005
Si < 0.002
C < 0.005