Molybdenum Electrode

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Our glass molybdenum electrodes are formed by isostatic pressing, forging to various of types after sintering with medium frequency furnace and then turning, rolling, planning and milling. We can also offer different kinds of molybdenum electrodes as per our customers' requirements. We have produced molybdenum electrodes for many years, and spare no effort to improve our electrodes' performance. With the excellent properties of high strength, resistant to oxidation under high temperature, long life, corrosion resistance and inability to stain glass, these high purity molybdenum electrodes have been widely used in many fields such as ordinary glass, optical glass, insulation material and glass fiber.

Molybdenum electrode
Appearance: Silver gray metallic luster
No defects (lose side, lose corner, divide layer, crackle) To bend or align according to the needs of users Density: > 9.8g/cm³
Purity: Mo> 99.95%
Dimension : (14-20) * (14-20) * L L< 500mm
Main applications: Molybdenum electrode is used on electro-heat equipment in glass fiber kilns.

Molybdenum electrode plate
Dark brown, silver gray metallic luster if washed by alkali (produced according to user's request) Purity : Mo> 99.95% Density: >10.15g/m&sup3; Dimension : (3 - 25)* (50 -500) *L L< 800mm (Unit weight is not more than 40 kgs) special specification should be consulted by both parties
Main applications: Molybdenum electrode plate can be used in various heating equipment of glass fiber kilns, as liquid-flow hole panels, etc .

Molybdenum electrode bars
Appearance: Bright silver gray metallic luster. (Process according to user's drawing, surface finish is higher)
Purity: Mo> 99.95%
Density: > 10.15g/cm&sup3;
Unit weight: The actual dimension and weight of the Molybdenum electrodes under 70kgs is to be decided by the customer.
Dimension: produced according to the needs of the customer: (&Oslash;20 - &Oslash;100) *L (mm)
Main applications: Molybdenum electrode bar is mainly used in the furnace, electric boosting glass kiln electrode, etc.

Description Code Density (g/cm3) Size of finished product   (mm)
Molybdenum electrode bar Mo-4.2 9.3 14 x 20 x (400-520)
17 x 17 x (400-520)
20 x 20 x (530-540)
Molybdenum electrodes plated BMo-4.2 9.9 (60-160) x (160-500) x (3-7)
Molybdenum threaded rod LGM Dia. (6-36) x (30-60)