Molybdenum Plate

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Our highly refined molybdenum chemicals are hydrogen reduced to molybdenum powder, having a minimum purity of 99.95%. The powder is isostatically pressed and sintered into slabs of a uniform fine grained structure. The slabs are worked first by hot rolling and then by cold rolling to the thickness specified. Plate (defined as flat stock with a thickness above 3mm) is finished by grit blasting and stress relieving. Sheet (having a thickness up to 3mm ) is generally finished by degreasing and stress relieving. Molybdenum plate is used for fabrication of sintering boats, high temperature furnace heating elements and heat shields.

Surface states can be divided in black surface, chemical wash and polished surface. When the thickness of product is more than 1.0mm, it is produced via hot-rolled; when the thickness is less than 1.0mm, it is produced via cold-rolled.

(20-40mm) x (90-240mm) x (200-600mm) 16mm x 16mm x 160mm

Ni> Mg> Fe> Pb> Al> Bi> Si> Ca> P> Cd> C> O> Sb> N> Sn>

Molybdenum (Mo)

> 99.95%

Impurities (%)

Ni 0.003
Mg 0.002
Fe 0.005
Pb 0.0001
Al 0.002
Bi 0.0001
Si 0.002
Ca 0.002
P 0.001
Cd 0.0001
C 0.01
O 0.003
Sb 0.0005
N 0.003
Sn 0.0001