Molybdenum Pole

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Divided forged molybdenum pole and polished molybdenum pole; forged molybdenum pole surface is allowed to have a thin oxide film and slight forging hammer mark; polished molybdenum pole surface presents metallic luster and has no visible oxidization; The two surfaces have no defects, such as divided layer, crackle, burr or vertical crackle, etc.

We can supply black poles, machined poles, and grinded poles as per customers’ requirement. We also can manufacture to our customer's drawing.

Molybdenum pole is mainly used for electric vacuum components and electric light source parts.


(Ø0.8-Ø16) × L(mm)
Molybdenum pole is manufactured as random length pieces or cut to customers' desired lengths. In addition, there are two different surface processes or finishes which are provided, depending on the customer’s demand. We produce pure and lanthanum doped molybdenum pole. The lanthanum doped molybdenum poles are targeted for use in higher temperature applications where ductility is retained after recrystallization for material with smaller cross sections.