Molybdenum Spraying Wire

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Due to its high abrasion and wear resistance, molybdenum has become an indispensable material for metal spraying technology. Molybdenum spray wire (or molybdenum spraying wire) is used to spray coat automobile parts that are subjected to wear, such as piston rings, gearbox synchromesh parts, selector forks, etc. Molybdenum spray wire is also sprayed onto machine parts such as bearing for repair purposes. Thin layers of molybdenum are sprayed thermally on surfaces of mechanically strongly stressed automobile parts, such as piston rings, synchronizer rings, shift elements, to increase their abrasion resistance. Furthermore, molybdenum spray wire is applied as an intermediate layer in the case of repairs of machine parts, such as bearing shells and shafts, because of the lack of adhesion between steel layers without intermediate molybdenum layers.

Molybdenum spraying wire is covered with graphite. After removed the graphite, it has a metallic luster.

The weight of single wire is up to 20-25kg without any welded joints, which results in enhanced efficiency and decreased operating costs.
Diameter: 3.175mm, 2.3mm-1.41mm
Tolerance: 3.175mm +/-0.025mm or +0/-0.05mm
2.3mm-1.45mm +/-0.02mm +0/-0.05mm
Tensile strength:  >700-900N / mm2
Elongation:  >20-5%
Composition: Mo>99.95%, impurities <0.05%, each element content <0. 01%