Tunsten Carbide

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Tungsten carbide (WC) is an inorganic chemical compound containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its most basic form, it is a fine gray powder, but it can be pressed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, tools,abrasives, as well as. Tungsten carbide is approximately three times stiffer than steel, and is much denser than steel or titanium. It is comparable with corundum in hardness and can only be polished and finished with abrasives of superior hardness such assilicon carbide, cubic boron nitride. 

CAS#: 12070-12-1
The tungsten metal powder can be converted to tungsten carbide (WC) by reaction with pure carbon powder, e.g. carbon black, at 900 - 2200°C in pusher or batch furnaces. Tungsten carbide behaves similarly to unalloyed tungsten and is resistant to chemical attack, although it reacts strongly with chlorine to form tungsten hexachloride. Because of its hardness, it is the main constituent in cemented carbide. As the most important tungsten compound, tungsten carbide is used to make wear-resistant abrasives and cutters and knives for drills, circular saws, milling and turning tools used by the metalworking, woodworking, mining, petroleum and construction industries and accounts for about 60% of current tungsten consumption.

Main Grade and Properties:

Item No. Description: Purity Lot Size US $
CB74-T1 Tungsten Carbide Powder
Particle Size: Meet 
Customer's Specification:
Total C: 6.08-6.18%, Free C < 0.08%
Fe < 0.04%, Mo < 0.010%, Al < 0.001%
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CB74-T2 Tungsten Carbide Powder
Particle Size: Meet 
Customer's Specification:
Total C: 6.08-6.18%, Free C < 0.08%
Fe < 0.06%, Mo < 0.015%, Al < 0.002%
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Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten Carbide Rings are one of the most popular tungsten products. With many years experience of manufacturing and supplying products for US distributors and trades, Hurricane Magnets&Materials Engineering could provide quality Tungsten Carbide Rings with competitive prices and short lead time.
Popular Grades and Properties:
Plate Number Density
Hardness Tensile Strength
T.R.S (MPa)(≥)
Grade ISO   HV(≥) HRA(≥)  
YG3X K01 15-15.4   91.5 1180
YD05 K01 14.8-15   93.5 1300
YF6 K05 14.9 1550   2500
YG6X K10 14.8-15.1   91 1420
YG6A K10 14.8-15.1   91 1420
YF10 K10 14.5 1600   3000
YG3 K10 15-15.4   91 1200
YG6 K10 14.6-15.0   89.5 1450
YG8 K20 14.5-14.9   89 1500
YS2T K30 14.4-14.6   91.5 2200
YG15 K30 13.7-14.2   87 2200
YG20 K30 13-13.5   83 2300
YG20C K40 13-13.5   82.5 2350
YK20 K40 14.3-14.6   86 2300
YK25 K40 14.4-14.8   87 2400
YT15 P10 11.0-11.7   91 1150
YT14 P20 11.2-11.7   90.5 1200
YS25 P25 12.8-13.2   90.5 1620
YW1 M10 12.6-13.5   91.5 1200
YW2 M20 12.5-13.5   90.5 1350
Tungsten Carbide Rod
Cast tungsten carbide welding rods are mainly used as pile-up welding on the surface of metal parts to enhance its wear ability. Generally, YZ20 - 30g is used in thick electrode surfacing work and work requirements for scraping role of the parts and components. If required welding layer is 3 to 4 mm, using YZ30 - 40g multi-electrode; and if surfacing request is thin layer formation, the best choice is YZ40 - 60g or more granular tubular alloy electrode.
Item No.  Range of Particle Sizes
Pipe OD.
Pipe Length
YZ2 -20~+30 7-7.15 390±5
YZ3 -30~+40 6-6.15 390±5
YZ4 -40~+60 5-5.15 390±5
YZ5 -60~+80 4.3-4.4 390±5
Tungsten Carbide Powder
Macro tungsten carbide powder is a dark grey metallic powder.
Particle: 60-325 mesh
Screen Size: 60-325 mesh
Apparent Density: > 6.8 g/cm3
Vibrating Density: > 8.2 g/cm3
Hall Flow Rate: 9-12 S/50g
FSSS: > 30µm
Macro tungsten carbide powder is used as an additive for cemented carbide, or thermal spraying.
Grade  FPWC-1 FPWC-2
Main Contents (%)  Total C 6.13±0.1 5.95±0.1
Free C ≤0.1 ≤0.1
Impurity Contents
Max. (%)
Ti 0.1 0.1
Co 0.005 0.005
Mo 0.1 0.1
Ca 0.005 0.01
Si 0.003 0.005
Fe 0.3 0.5
Al 0.002 0.005
S 0.002 0.005
P 0.001 0.005
Ni 0.008 0.01
As 0.005 0.01
K+Na 0.003 0.005
Casting Tungsten Carbide Powder
CAS#: 12070-12-1
By melting tungsten metal and tungsten monocarbide (WC) together, a eutectic composition of WC and W2C is formed. This melt is cast and rapidly quenched to form extremely hard solid particles having a fine crystal structure. A tough, feather-like structure is preferred over the brittle, blocky structure obtained by insufficient quenching. The solids are crushed and classified to various mesh sizes.
Item No. Description: Purity Lot Size US$
CB74-C1 Casting Tungsten Carbide Powder
Particle Size: 20-30 mesh
W: 95-96%, Total C: 3.9%, 
Free C < 0.08
1 MT
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CB74-C2 Casting Tungsten Carbide Powder
Particle Size: 30-40 mesh
W: 95-96%, Total C: 3.9%, 
Free C < 0.08
1 MT
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CB74-C3 Casting Tungsten Carbide Powder
Particle Size: 40-60 mesh
W: 95-96%, Total C: 3.9%, 
Free C < 0.08
1 MT
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CB74-C4 Casting Tungsten Carbide Powder
Particle Size: 60-80 mesh
W: 95-96%, Total C: 3.9%, 
Free C < 0.08
1 MT
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